Survival heirloom seeds last 50 years when frozen

by bestseeds on November 16, 2012

Yes, seeds can be frozen. But only if they have no excess moisture.  How do you know the moisture content of your seeds?  You probably do not have any reliable way of testing the moisture content.  Most seeds that are sold have a moisture content of 8-12%.  To freeze your heirloom seeds, they need to be dried down to 4-8%.  When dried, frozen, packaged correctly, garden seeds will last over 50 years when frozen.  This is from the National Seed Storage Lab in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  There are very few seed companies that go this extra mile and dry and test the seed for long term storage.

Down to Earth Seeds specializes in preparing seed for long term storage.  You can check out a germination test they did on seed that was 11 years old.  It had been dried, tested, and packaged according to the National Seed Storage Lab.  The seed was frozen for 2 years and then stored between 40 and 6o degrees for another 9 years.  The details are in the results of this test.  Pretty impressive!

Storing seed that has been dried, tested and packaged correctly is the only way you can be sure you will have reliable seed whenever you need it.  That can be the next season or 50 years from now.  Get your supply while you still can.  Their quantities of seed are larger than any others and the value of the seed alone is better than any others that I have seen.  They have the most reliable kit out there for the best price.

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