Nutrition – you are what you eat!

by bestseeds on January 18, 2012

Here are some results from a study linking wht you eat and your power to think.

A new study goes deeper in understanding the connection between good nutrition and a healthy brain. Previous studies have linked individual vitamin deficiencies to cognitive decline. But new research looks at a wider range of vitamins, and even better, it uses biomarkers in the blood to correlate vitamins with brain health, both good and bad.

The researchers found some striking connections between nutrition and brain health.  People who had higher levels of B family vitamins, as well as vitamins C, D, and E had higher scores on cognitive tests than people with lower levels. The same positive relationship was found for omega-3 fatty acids, which have previously been linked to better brain health.

On the flipside, people with higher levels of trans fats in their blood had poorer performance in thinking and memory tests. Their MRI scans also revealed more brain shrinkage than people who had lower trans fats levels. Trans fats are found in a variety of junk foods, like fried, packaged, and fast foods.  (Alice Walton of  the Atlantic.)

We suggest you replace your junk foods with well grown organic heirloom vegetables and grass fed meats.  The best medicine is preventive.  Plus it tastes so much better!  Plant a garden. Raise a few chickens.  You’ll get excercise and fantastic food!

Heirloom Broccoli

Heirloom Broccoli

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