How to keep Heirloom Seeds good for 50 years

by bestseeds on April 2, 2013

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Heirloom Pepper starts

What are the possibilities of having enough heirloom seeds when you need it?  Each year, there are fewer and fewer options of getting open- pollinated seed.  In order to have a renewable source of food, you MUST have heirloom seeds.  This is the same as non-hybrid, or open pollinated seeds.  These seeds are able to reproduce seeds that will grow the same variety with the same genes, year after year.  This is what our ancestors and great grandparents grew.  They saved their seed and took it with them when they moved.  Today, almost all commercial production is from hybrid seeds.

To have your own supply of seed, you have two choices.  Either grow and save seed every year, or buy fresh seed every few years, OR get heirloom seed that has been prepared and packaged to last over 50 years.  According to the National Seed Storage Lab, heat and moisture is what cause seeds to get old and not germinate.  Down to Earth Seeds has a custom built facility.  They dry the vegetable seed to the optimum moisture content as recommended by the Seed Lab.  They package the seed in hermetically sealed cans.  This means there is no transfer of moisture from the outside to the inside.  You must use either metal, glass, or mylar to hermetically seal seeds.  When the seeds are dried and thus packaged, they can be frozen with NO damage to the seed.  They will last with good germination for over 50 years.

Check out Down to Earth’s  seed kits.  They have three sizes available. They include an excellent garden book and a book on seed saving.

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