Hash Browns from Sweet Potatoes

by bestseeds on February 3, 2012

This time of year, our sweet potato supply is running low.  We have had plenty and enjoyed them. One of the ways we cook them is to simply shred them like you would irish potatoes.  Melt plenty of butter in the cast iron fry pan and put a medium layer of sweet potatoes in the hot pan.  Let them cook and brown for a few minutes.  They do not stick together and form paties the way irish potatoes do, so you just turn them as best you can.  They will burn fairly quickly, so watch them close and do not have the heat up too high.  It is not as difficult as this is sounding.  And they are very tastey!

sweet potatoe hash browns

sweet potatoe hash browns

We are sprouting a few of last summer’s sweet potatoes  to get this year’s supply of starts growing.  Usually a friend of mine does this for me because I have not been too successful.  But each year, I try again hoping one day I’ll figure it out.  You put the potato in a damp place. When the potatoes sprout, you break off the sprouts and put them in a glass of water.  They will grow roots and when it is warm, transplant them in the garden.  Once my sprouts have rooted, I usually pot them in two inch pots to give them a better start in the garden.  In the past, sweet potato sprouts were sold bare root in bundles.

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