Growing an Heirloom Garden on very little land

by bestseeds on February 10, 2012

How much land do you need to grow the best heirloom garden?  Not a whole lot.  A little space can produce alot of food provided you use it wisely.  Water when necessary.  Don’t plant too close. Read more to get advice and make use of what you have.

There are ways around to successfully grow sprawling veggies like pumpkins and other squash. One way would be to “train” the vines by physically aiming them in a direction and pruning them to keep only several vines. If you prune, remember that you’ll harvest less fruit than if the plant was left to its own devices. Another way to save space with vining veggies is to grow them vertically.
There are some veggies take to containers with ease. Carrots, peppers, and lettuce come to mind. Tomatoes usually do well in containers, although if you let them dry out to the point where the soil pulls away from the sides of the container, they may never forgive you which can affect their performance by producing less fruit.
In fact, if you think of containers as basically small raised beds, it’s hard to think of anything that wouldn’t grow in them. One thing that’s different about containers versus raised beds is that the container will dry out faster because it has sides above ground that absorb the heat.

Use part of your lawn or consider community gardens.  For an excellent source of an heirloom seed kit that can last for years, check Down to Earth Seeds. 

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