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heirloom carrots

Carrots are nutritious, easy to grow, and should be in everyone’s garden.  I remember as a child, we were allowed to pull heirloom carrots as long as they were large enough and we didn’t waste them.  Mom grew some mighty tasty organic carrots! Today, whenever we buy them in the store, I am always disappointed by their taste.  Hybrids are bred for looks and production  (profit), and taste is not high on the priority list.  Grow your own heirlooms and you will again know the bliss of fresh carrots.  It will surprise your children as well and they will realize real food is delicious!

Carrots do best in light, sandy loam.  Aged manure is ok, but fresh manure will cause them to fork and have odd shapes.  If you soil is heavy, you should double dig the bed before planting.  Plant 3-4 weeks before the last frost.  You can sow them every 4-6 weeks to have carrots all summer long.  In the fall they will last well in the ground in usable condition.  Prepare your soil by removing any hard clods or rocks.  Seed is very small and should only be covered with 1/8″ of fine soil.  Carrots take between 1-3 weeks to emerge.  They need to be kept moist during that time so water carefully so as not to blast the seed or seedling out of the ground. Read More

Choose non-GMO foods

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GMO’s have many side effects and long lasting troubles. Heirloom seeds are by far the better choice.

Saving Heirloom Vegetable seeds

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Each year we lose more heirloom varieties of vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, and other crops. Hybrid seeds are much more profitable to the producers.

Heirloom Seed Sources Continue to Shrink

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Sources for heirloom seeds contiue to shrink. Each year more small seed companies are bought out by the large conglomerates. It tends to be the small local seed company that specializes in seeds for that particular area. When the large company buys them, they are no longer interested in preserving genetic diversity or serving the local area’s gardening needs

Heirloom Seed Swap

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Except these weren’t just any seeds. They were heirlooms, old varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables like our ancestors used to grow. All seeds are capsules of genetic information, programmed to grow into the next season’s sunflowers or squash. But heirlooms, often referred to as open-pollinated, are much more.

Lumpy, Bumpy, Heirloom Tomatoes

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Wonderful tasting heirloom tomatoes are often ugly, comparatively. But a feast for the eyes is not always a banquet for the taste buds or satisfaction for the tummy

Heirloom Varieties; Golden Oldies in the Garden

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Heirloom Varieties in the Garden are always a pleasure to dream about in the January winter. Take a quick look at this presentation until your mouth drools and you start planning this year’s heirloom vegetable garden! To us gardeners, that is what we do in January. We get out the seed catalogs and page through them, because we can’t wait till the seed racks show up in the store.

Your Help in Saving Heirloom Seeds is Important

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Heirloom seeds are disappearing at an alarming rate. The more we understand about this dilemma, the more we will be willing to do our part. In the old days, people saved their seed. There was no hybrid seed.

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