Survival heirloom seeds last 50 years when frozen

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The best long term heirloom seed storage kit available will last 50 years when frozen. No hybrids. No GMO’s.

Dallas Self-Reliance Expo

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Hello, We were privileged to meet many of you at the Self-Reliance show in Dallas. There is a much more complete website for our seed at www.downtoearthseeds.com See you there! Or you can reach us at downtoearthseeds@gmail.com

How to grow Heirloom Carrots

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Carrots are nutritious, easy to grow, and should be in everyone’s garden. I remember as a child, we were allowed to pull heirloom carrots as long as they were large enough and we didn’t waste them. Mom grew some mighty tastey organic carrots! Today, whenever we buy them in the store, I am always disappointed by their taste. Hybrds are bred from looks and production (profit), and taste is not high on the priority list. Grow your own heirlooms and you will again know the bliss of fresh carrots. It will surprise your children as well and they will realize real food is delicious!

Cabbages in the Heirloom Garden

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Growing heirloom cabbages is excellent for a survival garden. Other than caterpillars which can handpicked, they are quite hardy and dependable. They will store well in the cellar or the garden if winters are mild.

Planning your Heirloom Garden–the actual layout

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I double plant alot of rows. It works like this; I plant two rows of beans about a foot apart. Then there is a 4 foot space to the next crop. I do this also with potatoes. Small crops like lettuce, radishes, beets, onions, etc. are normally planted in our raised beds in rows 6-12″ apart. It is not necessary to have a 4 foot space between rows

Planning your heirloom garden; how much do I plant?

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You are excited about your first heirloom garden. But how to you begin? I simply lay out a plan. Decide what I want to grow. Does your family like/eat green beans? tomatoes? carrots? onions?, etc, etc. How much do they like them? Every garden is an experiment, but these are expeiments that never fail. If

Grow leaf Lettuce in your Heirloom garden- Part 2

by bestseeds

Lettuce will germinate between 2 days and 2 weeks, depending on the temperature.  60 degrees is ideal.  Lettuce that is direct seeded in the garden can take temperatures as low as 20 degrees once it is growing.  When your plants are about 4″ high, they should be thinned to about 4 plants per square foot.  […]

Grow leaf Lettuce in your Heirloom garden- Part 1

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make your little depression from 1/8 to 3/4 inch deep. If your soil is heavy, keep the seed shallow. If your soil is light or sandy, and the weather is warm, plant on the deeper side. Plant the seed about 1″ apart in rows about 5″ apart. I tend to plant to thick and must always thin. But I don’t mind. I usually transplant the thinnings when they are about 3-4″ tall.

Heirloom Radishes and how to grow them

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Growing radishes is easy and it is a wonderful spring crop. They mature in 3-4 weeks and seed saving is easy. So you can perpetuate your crop from year to year and never buy seeds again.

Seed industry consolidates again and again

by bestseeds

Seed companies consolidate. Heirloom seed dropped in favor of higher profit for hybrids and transgenics.

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